During summer months, you are about to enjoy quality time outdoor with your friends and family. However, the annoying buzz that indicates the arrival of the tiny invaders will not leave you in peace. Wasps, one of the most common seen pests in summer, appear suddenly in huge numbers and turn out to be a big problem. Wondering why are there more wasps in summer? Want to know how can wasp control Melbourne help you with the situation? Continue reading!

Wasp Activity During Springtime

Spring season is the time of the year when the queen wasps become more active and start to build their nest. The nests are built from the mixture of chewed-up wood substance and wasps’ saliva. Usually, it is during the spring, the queen populates the nest. The worker wasps build the nest larger and create new cells where the queen lays eggs. From these eggs, the larvae get hatched and are fed by worker wasps. Eventually, the number of wasps increases and the nest grows in size. This process consistently takes place throughout the spring and in early summer days.

Wasp Activity During Summer

During the peak summer time, the wasp activity also reaches the peak level. Hundreds of wasps would have grown to their adult size and travel outside the nest in search of food to feed the larvae. With the wasp population being higher, you are likely to encounter more wasps. If the wasps are active, they tend to be aggressive. That’s why it is important to opt for a professional wasp nest removal service.

Call The Pest Control Team

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