Mice usually have a distinctive ammonia odour that smells like stale urine. This smell can be noticeable especially in enclosed areas, such as cabinets, wardrobes, pantries, drawers, along baseboards, and under the fridge. If you smell something distinct, don’t wait to call Enviro Safe Pest Control to carry out an inspection. 

mice infestation

By looking at this image, you would have realised how severe the infestation is.

When we were called to treat the infestation, we noticed a strong strange smell as soon as we entered the property. This is one of the most obvious signs of a big mouse infestation. When we pulled out the fridge, we were able to see the remaining mice-chewed items such as spinach, vegetable leaves, etc. The area where the fridge was positioned looked messy with heaps of mice droppings. With easy access to unlimited food sources, the mice established themselves and multiplied in numbers, leading to a large mice infestation

When someone suspects rodent activities in their home, we recommend inspecting under the fridge and other enclosed areas to spot the tell-tale signs of their presence such as droppings or chewed food. The size of a mouse dropping will be one-third of a rice grain, but sometimes it can be as big as one full rice grain which equals the size of a rat dropping.  When mice get access to unlimited food sources, they can grow to the size of a small rat as well. When they barely get food, they can’t grow big and won’t establish their nest. That’s why we recommend our customers keep pet foods, leftover foods, sugary items, and other food sources covered to make their homes less inviting for these annoying creatures. 

If you believe that you have mice or any pest infestation in your home, call our experts asap.