Often, a mouse enters a car in search of warmth and shelter, but the problem intensifies when they start nestling inside. Recently, we have seen a case in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, where rats and rodents caused expensive damage to the vehicles parked on the streets, driveways, and garages. Rodents are more active in winter. 

In one case, the mice nested inside the car chewed the wire, costing thousands of dollars to completely rewire it. In another case, they gnawed through the window wiper tank. As the rodent damage is not covered under warranty, the vehicle owners ended up paying from their pocket for the repair job. 

In this picture, you can see the damage caused by these rodents. They have chewed the upholstery, mats, seats, and cushions, which are expensive to fix. 

Even if one mouse makes its way into your car, it can cause total wreckage of the vehicle, so knowing how to prevent rats in the vehicle or getting in touch with our mice control team becomes necessary. 

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