Bee or wasp, both pose a threat for households & commercial spaces. So, whether it’s wasp removal or bee removal, it is best when left to professionals to handle the removal process. Moreover, when it comes to bee removal, it is quite a labour-intensive process, and it should be done by professionals. If not done properly, you will end up getting many stings from them. Though bees are not friendly insects, they do have great ecological importance. They’re great pollinators and are responsible for the delicious honey that we eat today. Also, in a healthy beehive, there will be around 20,000 bees including the queen bee and the worker bees. Due to this, many bee control melbourne companies are offering eco-friendly bee & wasp nest removal melbourne services for households and commercial properties. So, here, in this blog, we’re going to look at the types of eco-friendly bee removal methods. Let’s get started.


Smoking is the best way to get rid of the bees immediately. It is one of the traditional methods where the beekeeper produces the smoke under the hive, forcing the bees to get out. The bees will usually think that it could be a forest fire and will leave the spot immediately. The smoking method is often applied by traditional beekeepers.

Peppermint & Garlic

If you suspect a beehive near the garden or on the pergola, you can use peppermint to make them leave. As honey bees dislike the smell of peppermint and garlic, it is better to use peppermint and garlic spray on the hive, which will irritate the bees forcing them to leave the place.  You can even crush the garlic cloves and mix it with water and spray them generously on the hive. Before you proceed, make sure to wear protective clothing and gloves and head mask to avoid getting stings from them.

Call A Professional

If you’re concerned that bees are becoming extinct, and want to remove them humanely, call an eco-friendly beehive removal melbourne experts to remove the beehive from your space. Having handled many bee removal & wasp removal melbourne projects, they will use the best methods to remove them from your space safely.

Over To You

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bee removal melbourne company, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.