If you are here, then it is very clear that you have been dealing with a possum issue. Most homeowners get frightened when they encounter a possum in their yard. This is because they are known to carry various diseases and can cause extensive damages to their property. So, if you find one in your garden, roof, attic or yard, it is indispensable to contact a possum control melbourne company.

Well, you can get an effective solution from the pest control melbourne experts, but have you ever wondered why possums make their way into your home? Here are top three reasons that give you a clear idea on why possums are invading your property.

Reason 1: Suitable Atmosphere For Shelter:

Possums prefer nesting in high spaces and dark sites such as attics, roofs, basements, garages and storage sheds. Crawl spaces might even be a good home for these creatures. If your property has such spaces and areas, this nocturnal pest might be interested in it.

Reason 2: Pet Food And Water:

These pests are attracted to pet food, especially to cat food. Leaving pet food and water in your yard could attract possums. If you found that your pet’s food bowl is empty in the morning, then it is a clear sign that you have possums in your property.

Reason 3: Piles Of Garbage & Junk:

Possums prefer nesting in areas with piles of junk and garbage. If you have trashes piled up in your yard or garden, it could be inviting for these pesky pests.

Call Enviro Safe Pest Control!

No matter where you are based in Melbourne, you can approach the possum removal melbourne specialists of Enviro Safe Pest Control to help you. We have many years of experience in the industry and carry out the job in compliance with the possum removal regulations imposed by the Australian government. We not only help you with removing the possums present in your home, but also implement all necessary preventive techniques to prevent further entry of these pests into your home.

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