Termite infestations cannot be welcomed, and it needs to be eradicated as early as possible. Because it affects the structural ability of your home and can cost you dollars. Did you know? Termites are causing six billion dollars damage every year. Your house is a valuable investment, and you need to protect it with a termite control service. Whether it’s a new build or you’re moving to a rental property, ensure to get a termite control service from reputed professional pest control in Melbourne company. You should get a termite control melbourne service from time to time to keep your property from termites for years. 

So, how do these termites get into your home and what are the signs of termite infestations?

Winged Termites Or Discarded Wings

Winged termites are the ones that usually infest your home. If you happen to see these swarmers or its discarded wings near the window sills, doors or the garden, know that your property is infested.

Muddy Tubes

Termites often build mud tubes on the wood to prevent the moisture inside. They usually build their mud tubes in the house foundation. If your house has siding that is under the soil, these crawling creatures can easily find their way through these mud tubes and enter your home.

Piles Of Wood

If you have stacked firewood, there are chances that, you can see them in large numbers. They usually build their colonies around the food source. Termites tend to eat soft and rotting wood, make sure you keep the firewood away from the home, 5 inches off the ground.

Clear the Yard

If your garden yard has excess foliage or dead tree stumps, make sure to clear them away. Because termites thrive well in these areas and can easily invade your home.

Wood Mulch

Wood mulch retains moisture, providing an attractive food source for termites. They draw termites closer to your home and make sure to keep them away.

Over To You

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