Termites can thrive in a wide range of habitats simply by consuming dead wood. These creatures are opportunistic feeders that they feed on every kind of wood, both dead tree in your yard and the lumber used to construct your home. By devouring the wood, they weaken the structural integrity of your home. That’s why it is important to take proactive measures to protect your property by investing in pre-construction termite treatment service. Let’s focus on the procedures involved in this treatment.

Treatment Of The Foundation:

The first and foremost step of pre-construction termite treatment is to treat the foundation using a termiticide. Usually, termites make their way into the buildings by building mud tunnels through the foundation. That’s why the bottom and sides of the foundation should be filled with termiticide.

Treatment Of The Soil:

The second step involves treating the soil around the foundation. The termite treatment melbourne experts will apply liquid termiticide to the soil to form a chemical barrier. This blocks the termites from reaching the foundation and secures your home from future termite infestation.

Treating The Soil Around Pipelines:

The final step of pre-construction termite treatment is to treat the soil around the gutters, pipelines and tubes that run through the foundation. The experts will loosen the soil around each of the pipe and treat them with termiticides.

Benefits Of Pre-Construction Termite Treatment:

Easy & Less Expensive:

The pre-construction termite treatment procedures are quite easy when compared to post-construction anti-termite treatment. As the steps involved in pre-construction treatment are lesser than the post construction treatment, it is also less expensive.

No Obstacles:

In case of pre-construction termite treatment, the pest control experts can easily access over every nook and corner of your property, and can complete the treatment efficiently. On the other hand, treating the building that is fully constructed will have plenty of obstacles, preventing pest controllers to cover the entire area.

So, if you are about to construct a new home or building in your property, call the termite control melbourne experts of Enviro Safe Pest Control who can help you with termite inspection and termite treatment. To know more about our termite inspection melbourne services, call 1300 997 272 and talk to us today.