Like other pests, possums are marsupials and are more closely related to kangaroos. In rare situations, they attack, only if they are threatened. They are considered dangerous because of the diseases they carry and transmit. If you’re unaware of why they invade your home, we would like to educate everything about possums and help you get rid of them from your house quickly. Since many pest control companies offer possum removal melbourne services, Call a pest control melbourne company to inspect your property.

They mess around your property and can be a threat to your beloved pets. Whether they are starting to visit or already infested your house, you must get rid of them immediately.

How Do Possums Look Like?

They look like big rats. Their fur is grey and has a distinctive pink coloured nose with a long tail. They have sharp teeth and pretend to bite when they are threatened. They weigh around 8-15 pounds and are dirty.

What Entices Them?

Possums like to set their habitat nearby water areas. They usually live in basements, laundry areas, nearby drainage or sewer lines. If your house is located near a pond or across a sewer line, you are more likely to see them around your property.

Possums are naturally drawn to areas that offer easy access to food and water. If your house exterior has overflowing trash cans, it’s an invite for them. They feed on the waste foods, plant matter, bananas, honey, and pears, organic compost, and more. They usually create shelters in safe places. Their places of refuge include your basement area, laundry areas, attics, and other storage areas.

How To Get Rid Of Them?

Once you make your space less attractive, they‘ll stop visiting your property.

  • You must keep your trash bins empty all the time.
  • Inspect your gardens, basements, laundry areas, and other storage areas regularly.
  • Use fresh baits with foods like honey, apple, and pear to catch them.
  • Place fences around your garden and keep your organic compost cans sealed tightly.
  • Keep the trash bins away from your house exterior and make sure to empty them. regularly and close the lids after every disposal.

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