Beetles can be found in almost every home garden. They prefer to dwell in dense gardens and feed on other insects and plants. Though these are non-toxic, they can create allergies or burning sensation when they bite. If they find your house has entry points and easy access to food source, they will invade your home and hide under safe spots. However, often they are confused with bed bugs. If you fear that your property is infested by them, consider hiring a beetle control melbourne service to get rid of them.

Beetles are different shapes and sizes; three main types of beetles are considered to be dangerous.

They are the stag, blisters, and long-horned beetles. These are commonly called as predatory beetles. If you leave it untreated, they can multiply faster and take refuge in your house. They have sharp jaws, which are used to catch prey and consume food.

Stag Beetles – They are brown and can be found in your garden.

Blister Beetles – They are named as blisters because they cause blisters on your skin once they bite. They are more attracted to light; they feed on plants and crops and ensure to visit your patio regularly.

Long-Horned Beetles – These are black beetles with long antenna, their bites can be more painful. It could last for a few days.

Beetles stick close to the food source, especially when you keep cut flowers or hanging flower pots inside your home, you can expect them. Water and food source is a must for them. Also, some species tend to live in areas that you don’t even use.

Depending on the type of species, the eating habits differ, some would feed on woods and papers, and some eat fruits, nuts, and even devour your flour and tobacco. Finding one or two isn’t an alarm. However, they can multiply faster and become hard to eliminate. In this case, all you need to do is call a pest control service to inspect your home. Since there are many varieties of beetles, only through a beetle removal melbourne services, you can protect your space from them.

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