Attics are dry, warm and out-of-the-sight places that are perfect not only for storing excess items and family keepsakes, but also a great hiding place for the invading mice. Unlike a garage that is used every day, the attic is something where you will stash things and completely forget about them. Once established their nest in the attic, mice can easily move around your home, damaging your belongings and spreading disease-causing germs. If you suspect that you have mice in your attic, why not try the below-given mice control tips from rat control melbourne?

Identify The Point Of Entry:

The first step is to find out whether you have mice in the attic or not. So, climb the roof and look for some signs like droppings, urine areas, mice nests, shredded paper, fibrous materials, mouse tunnels, chewed items, etc. These are the obvious signs of mice infestation. Now, you should identify their points of entry. Look for the gaps and holes around your home, and also check the areas near water pipes, A/C connections, doors and windows. If you have trees touching the roof of your home, don’t ignore to trim them down.

Seal The Entry Points:

Before using the mice control melbourne remedies, it is important to seal all the points of entry to prevent the appearance of mice in the future. Moreover, other rodents could not get into your house when all the entry points are sealed.

Place Bait Or Repellent:

When it comes to getting rid of mice in the attic, you can increase your chances of success by placing more than one bait station. Placing more baits gives mice easy access to the baits and enables you to cover a large area. Once the baiting is done, you can deter the mice by spraying peppermint or ammonia repellent sprays.

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