Possums may appear cute with their innocent face, furry body, and playfulness. However, they’re wild animals. A recent survey also revealed that possums have become a concern in many Australian households. So, what is it they do? Possums are dirty. They do things like rummaging the trash cans, spilling the garbage, attacking the home pets,  and eating off their food. On top of all, they belong to wildlife; it is not safe to have them around your property. If you spot one near your property, you must call a possum control services in melbourne to help you out. There are many reasons why it is not ideal to have possum as your pet, which we’re going to share in this blog post. Let’s get started.

They’re wild & It’s Hard To Tame Them

Possums are wild animals. They are active mostly at night and can annoy you during your peaceful slumber. They are noisy and produce scratching, screeching, and hissing sounds that make you feel as if you’re watching a horror movie at night.

They cause expensive damages

Possums can break roof tiles, ceilings, chew cable wires, and damage pipelines that are expensive to fix. Also, they chew electrical wires and cause electrical malfunctions like short circuits. As these are serious issues, you must call a professional possum removal melbourne company to run a thorough property inspection. If you have any idea of keeping them as your pet, know that they are trouble-givers.

They’re dirty & cause viral infections

Possums crap where you eat, play with your telephone lines. Their urine has a foul and pungent odor; it is hard to get rid of completely. More than pet dander, this will require deep cleaning and proper ventilation to chase the smell from your home. Also, they leave tiny droppings, which are unhygienic for you and your pets, and can also become an invite to other pests to come and inhabit your home space. So, it is not ideal to have them as your pet.

Bottom Line

Possums are not a good idea when it comes to petting them. If ever you spot a possum playing around, it’s best to seek help from a reputed pest control melbourne company near you. If you’re looking for possum control services across Melbourne, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today.