Possums are the dirtiest creatures you’ll ever find. Moreover, nowadays possums are seemingly found in large numbers in Australian households. A recent survey reveals that the calls to possum control companies for possum inspection have been increased. They’re annoying creatures and you can find them scaling the garbage cans, rummaging and eating the food remains. They look for houses, which give easy access for them to enter and take shelter. However, in a way they are helpful to maintain the balance by eating the other pests like mice, cockroaches, ticks, slugs, and much more. If you have been spotting them scurrying across your household, hire possum control in melbourne experts to inspect your property. If you’re thinking about pet them, here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t encourage them.

  • Possums are armed with sharp claws and teeth, and they bite you when they’re aggressive. They also act dead when they’re caught and distract you.
  • It can carry and transmit rabies through its saliva, and this is why dealing with them directly is often not recommended. They also carry pathogens and cause diseases like fever, tuberculosis, and much more. They are also known to carry fleas, mites, and lice and can spoil your hygiene.
  • As we have mentioned earlier, they are dirty creatures and can mess your property as you’ve never imagined. If you haven’t sealed up your garbage cans, they can damage your property.
  • If your pet foods had been missing or pet been harmed with an unknown resource, the culprits may be possums.
  • One of the reasons for their visit to households is their versatile diet. They are omnivores, and they just eat about anything.
  • Also, they are wild animals and prefer a wildlife environment than in captivity.

Bottom Line

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