Possums are wild animals & belong to the wildlife. You may wonder why possums return to your home even after you chase them. If your home is possum-friendly, they visit again. The most important thing about possums is that they have adapted to the human environment and love foraging your trash cans. When they starve too much, they’re most likely to return to your home. Apart from their adaptability, they’re dirty animals and would love to mess around your property. If you’re facing possum infestation, call possum removal melbourne services right away to protect your property.

Over-Flowing Trash Cans

Your home cleanliness also plays a role in inviting pests. When it comes to possums, they find trash cans irresistible. If it’s not removed or overflowing, smelly, you can expect possums to come over.

Pet Foods

Pet foods are also another invitation that makes possums revisit your property. Possums disturb your pets, bite them and take their food. They can visit your porch or inside your basement, attic or crawl spaces.

Water Sources

Possums like to make their home near water sources like ponds, swamps, drainage ditches and water fountains. If you live near a fountain or open drainage ditch, you’re most likely to see them. When you have a small fountain, be sure to keep them dry.

Vegetable Garden

Some species of possums are herbivores and are commonly seen in edible gardens as they prefer eating fresh vegetables & in forests & lawn areas.

Compost Containers

As possums eat about anything, they will also look for food in and around your area.  If you have uncovered compost heaps or organic compost containers in your yard, they can come over and eat the rotten fruits & vegetables and play around them.

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