Are you afraid of the buzzing insects? Well, their stings are much more painful than an injection and can be traumatic. When it comes to bees, there are many species & it is good to know which species have infested your home and what threats they may pose. If you wonder whether they leave your property on their own, the answer is a big No. Honey bees usually build their hives in flower gardens where they pollinate flowers. If you have a beautiful flower garden, chances you may expect these pollinators around.

  • If bees have fully established their hives in your space, they may abandon their hives. Every beehive is different and requires a bee removal specialist to take control of the situation. If you’re concerned about bees, you can contact eco-friendly bee removal melbourne services to help you out. Bees move to a different place if their hives are disturbed or destroyed. However, the possibility of getting stung by them during the move is relatively high. It’s why pest control melbourne experts insist to not go near the hives or employ any DIY bee removal treatments.

  • Bees get comfortable when they find your space warm and welcoming. It’s why you must keep your space unlikely for them. Whether they’ve built the hive on trees or terrace, once you spot them, it’s time to call a bee control specialist.

  • If the beehive is built inside a crack or a knothole in a tree, it can be difficult to remove. Also, it’s important to identify the type of beehive, and only beehive removal services will be able to do it.

  • There are many bee removal methods & bee removal experts provide the treatment based on the type of beehive and the area it is located. As bee control specialists, they take necessary precautions to ensure that surroundings and pest aren’t stung during the removal process.

If you’ve spotted a beehive at your property and want to remove them, call the bee control melbourne experts from Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today.