As winter is arriving soon, rats are making arrangements for their shelter & food source; the bad news is that it could be your home. To survive the harsh conditions and to have a supply of food, rats invade homes and businesses during winter to a great extent. Rat infestations are common in households nowadays and pose a serious threat as they contaminate and pass infections. They’re dirty, bite your pets, leave black puddles everywhere and contaminate your food. With the COVID-19 spread, it’s essential to get rid of the rats as soon as possible. Just like you do spring cleaning, make sure to clean up your home, fix the damaged pipelines, water faucets, kitchen sinks, attic and other entry points.

Call a rat control melbourne specialist to inspect your property. They’ll assess the condition of your property to examine if there is any crack, crevice, or any openings present and tell you the possibilities of their entry and advise you to make the fixtures at the earliest.

Rats are fast breeders. However, they tend to slow during winter. They never fail to gorge on the tasty treats that you stock. They even live in kitchen storage cabinets. Also, make sure to mop and clean after every meal and throw the leftovers into a sealed garbage bin. You can get professional help by hiring a rat removal melbourne expert for eradication and prevent the contamination of food.

If you have a garden with large trees and bushes, make sure to trim them up this season as rats use this as a passage to enter your home. As you declutter and clean before every spring, it’s good to clean up the space to control the infestation.

Though these small practices can help a bit, hiring a professional rodent control melbourne goes a long way n keeping your home pest-free and clean. If you need a rat control services across Melbourne, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today.