With the COVID-19 second wave in full swing, it’s more than a need to keep your house free from pests. Especially when it comes to possums, they are known as dirty creatures that mess up your place and even attack your beloved pets. So, you should eliminate them as soon as possible. Having a possum control expert to inspect your property will help in this case, and you can stay safe and invite the winter happily and peacefully. You’ve read a lot about possums, and in this blog, we have compiled some unlisted facts about possums and here’ it is.

Possums Are Incredibly Smart

Possums have a super memory power and can detect where their food source is. If they find your home space is inviting with plenty of food supply and shelter, they’re going to make your attic space its own home. So, it can be difficult to eliminate them with home treatments.  Call a possum removal melbourne professional to inspect the property, and they recommend the best solution for you.

They’re Scavengers

As they’re known as dirty creatures, they eat up the leftovers and can keep your dustbin clean. However, they mess up the surrounding area, which is why you must have the garbage bins secured with a lid. Keep your pet foods indoors at night, which can be a invite for these animals.

They’re Fast Climbers

Possums hide in tree trunks, rocks, crevices and much more. They are excellent climbers and good swimmers. So ensure to keep your windows and doors secured with a good-quality mesh. You can curb the flies, mosquitoes from entering the home this way.

They Eat Ticks & Small Insects

Did you know? Possums are pro cleaners. Not only do these nocturnal animals get rid of the ticks, but they also help eradicate pests such as mice, snakes, slugs and other garden pests from your yard. Though they seem to be useful; it’s good to have a professional visit your yard, garage, attic and other unused areas of the home to detect their presence.

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