Nobody likes to have pests like cockroaches, lizards, bugs, ticks, possums, rats, at their home and they’re quite annoying to deal with. To stop their entry and make your home a healthy one, invest in pest control companies in melbourne to help you. When you hire pest control agencies, they can tackle any type of pests and based on the severity of the infestation, they apply accurate pest removal solutions to get rid of them from your property. The DIY pest removal process can seem daunting, but when you approach with the right treatment, you can easily remove the nasty pests from your home.

Mint & Garlic For Pest-Free Plants

A bushy and overgrown garden is the best hiding spots for pests. Some pests like possums even use your edible vegetation for their consumption. So, take some pepper, mint leaves, garlic cloves and grind them, bring it to a boil and put come dish washing liquid to it. Use this spray on your potted plants and over the garden to deter the pests away.

Grounded Coffee Sprinkles

Ants, bugs and other pests hate the smell of your favourite coffee. So, keep a handful of them on the areas they emerge and line up, and you will see the difference shortly. You can even get bed bugs removal using this method.

Essential Oil Mist

Dust mites are a pain for homeowners, to kill the dust mites, take a favourite oil of your choice like eucalyptus or lavender or clove oil and mix it water to form a spray mist. Spray them on your bedding, cushions and wherever you feel their presence and slowly eliminate them.

Bottom Line

Finally, your home space must feel comfortable for you to live in and should not get disturbed by these creepy and nasty pests. In case if you’re looking for a permanent solution, hire pest control melbourne experts to handle the pest infestation for you.