Almost every house owner whines about having a possum problem at home. Recently, pest control companies in Melbourne have been receiving many complaints about possum rampage in households and requesting possum control solutions. As summer turns out to be the best season for gardening, it invites these nocturnal creatures to devour all the edible fruits and vegetables, tender shoots that are available in your garden. Through summer, spring and autumn, you can expect these super-active creatures run around your property.

Why do you have a possum problem in your home? The reason is due to the excessive development in Melbourne’s suburbs and removal of native trees, these have moved to urban areas in search of their food. This is why they have been visiting your garden, messing your trash cans to feed them and rest in your property.

Though they appear harmless, they are wild animals, and you must call the possum removal melbourne company to help you out.

As they are opportunistic survivors, they eat about anything, and this leads them to your house. So, keep motion-light sensors with alarms that scare these out from your property.

 Though it would be interesting to watch them skitter and scramble across electrical lines and on trees, it would be annoying to see them on your attic and rooftops playing and rummaging your dumped stuff. Whenever you spot them, make sure to call a possum control expert for inspection.

 If you’re a gardener and struggling with these nocturnal fellows, it’s good to have a plant defense around your garden. Possums have a strong memory for the smell they didn’t like. Having peppermint, garlic & soap spray across their walkways help them deter away.

 They can carry parasites, mites and other bacterial infections, which can be transmitted to pets or humans. Also they do harm your pets and steal their food, you must watch when your pet food goes frequently missing or when the pets are left with mysterious bite marks or scratches on them.

Whether you have spotted a possum or think that it could be them, feel free to call the Enviro Safe Pest control team for inspection. We can help you get rid of them from your space and move them to wildlife. For home inspections, call us on 1300 997 272 today.