No matter the season of the year, ants can be a year-round problem for the homeowners in Melbourne. Ant infestation is something you can’t avert and is never a welcome sight. Though it is hard to seal off your entire home to keep these tiny pests away, knowing their entry point is a great start to keep ant invasions to a minimum. Here are four reasons why you have ant in your home.

You Are Serving Them Food:

Just like other pests, ants also need food and water to survive. They constantly look for food sources, and that’s why you often see ant infestations in kitchen and dining areas. To prevent this, you should clean up the spills regularly, keep fruits in the fridge and store food in airtight containers.

You May Have Greasy Surfaces:

Left-behind grease on your stove top or along the sides of your food storage containers can easily attract ants. If you have spilled honey, syrup, jam, juices, sauces or anything else that leaves behind sticky residue, clean it immediately.

You May Have Unclean / Fully-Dumped Garbage Bins:

Most people forgot to dispose of the garbage bins regularly. In addition to disposing of the trash, it should be cleaned thoroughly before tossing the rubbish into it. The food leftovers that stuck to the sides of the bin can draw the attention of these pesky creatures.

You May Have Leaking Faucets Or Pipes:

Ants not only need food, but also require water to survive, so you need to make sure that water and moisture are not haunting the moist areas of your home – probably bathrooms and kitchen. If you have leaking pipes or faucets in your home, fix it as soon as possible.

Call The Professionals:

If ant infestation persists after taking the required measures, you may need to call ant removal melbourne professionals of Enviro Safe Pest Control. We offer fast and effective ant control melbourne services with an objective of getting the infestations under control in a short span of time. To know more about our ant pest control melbourne services, you can call us on 1300 997 272.