Possums resemble rats but they are different from them. Well, Possums are often confused with rats. They can take refuge in the abandoned areas of your home and are omnivorous. They are considered as dirty creatures as they tend to tear all the trash bags and mess up your space. They can even make home shelter in your attic, abandoned rooms. Though they are harmless, they turn your upside down with its messiness. They also keep the other pests like rats and cockroaches at bay as these can rival one another for occupying places in your home.

Possums can eat your pet food and cause injuries to your pet. This is why you should eliminate them from your space. The best support you can give yourself is to hire a professional possum removal melbourne company to eliminate them.

How Can You Find If You Have Possums at Home?

  • Garbage litters
  • Missing of pet foods
  • Burrows in garden
  • Compost spills on the ground
  • Scattered nut foods inside the kitchen

These can alarm the presence of a possum at your home. Possums can turn your home into a complete mess. When you find that your lawn is messed, or your beloved pets have suspicious wounds on their body, or overturned trash cans at your house. You can understand that your house is infested with Possums.

How Can You Get Rid Of Them?

Mostly, these creatures come in search of protective shelter and food. If your home offers both, they will not leave. So,

  • You must avoid keeping the garbage bags for days at your home, trash it daily, and keep the house clean. You should not leave any area of your house abandoned as they prefer to be in dark places.
  • Do not dump waste food items like meat, nuts, or fruits in the garbage bag, as these can attract possums.
  • Ensure each area of the house is thoroughly cleaned, and avoid dumping any wastes in the garden area.
  • Keep fresh baits to catch them as they are not aware of the traps and immediately get into the trap.
  • Seal any holes in the garden as they like to take shelter ready-made holes and nests.

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