Did you hear that constant rustling sound from your wooden walls? It may be the silent creeper – Termites.  They love woods and in search of cellulose all the time. If your house provides papers, fibres, and food, they are not going to leave your home anytime sooner. Termites can be a potential threat to your home. So, it has to be removed once you suspect their presence in your area. You can even get the help from a termite control melbourne company for eliminating them.

Types of Termites:

  • Subterranean – Subterranean termites will attack only beneath the earth’s surface, underground, trees & bushes.
  • Dry wood – Dry wood are the most common type of termites that only attack your wooden furniture, walls, and windows.

Signs of Termite Infestation

  • You must look for any holes in the wooden furniture and strike the hole with a sharp object. If any wood dropping or powdered wood falls from the hole, and then it is termite infested.
  • Dropped wings and sawdust near the window corners.
  • Mud tubes on the door corners.

Simple Steps To Clear Them From Your Wooden Items

  • Keep the infested furniture or wooden board in the broad day light for about 2-3 days. Termites cannot really tolerate the heat and they will die of heat. By exposing the furniture once in a while before the sun helps to eliminate any moisture and would kill the termites completely.
  • Pour water on the wood and let it produce a woody smell, which most termites do not like, and they will immediately leave the furniture.
  • Neem oil can be the best solution to irritate the termite that lurks beneath the wood. Neem oil has a pungent smell that will bring them out in no time. Repeat the process till you clear them out thoroughly.

How To Protect Your Wooden Furniture From Termites?

To protect your furniture from them, you should clean them regularly.

  • Take a spoonful of Aloe Vera and rub all over the wooden furniture to make them shine and by doing this, you are safely putting a protective layer for your expensive furniture.
  • Also, try using a recommended wood polish for your wood furniture. It makes the wood shine while keeping the termites at bay.
  • Hire a professional termite treatment melbourne company to get rid of the silent termites.
  • Ensure you don’t leave moisture on your wood furniture.

If your DIY attempts didn’t succeed, leave it to termite inspection melbourne professionals at Enviro Safe Pest Control Melbourne. For appointments, Call us on 1300 997 272 today.