Many businesses across the world are under immense pressure due to the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic disease. With many businesses closing and foot-traffic declining, the pests are on a mission of finding new sources of food and shelter. Even in this critical situation, the pest control businesses are playing a vital role in the protection of food, health and property for organisations and homes worldwide. Here at Enviro Safe Pest Control, we have a commitment to businesses and residences across Melbourne to keep them pest-free.

How Can We Help Your Business During Covid-19 Crisis?

During the Corona virus crisis, many of our customers have requested us to help them with their pest control needs without entering the building. In order to abide by their requests, we have modified our services while still helping to maintain a pest-free environment. Having their request in mind, Enviro Safe Pest control sprays only the outside of your building to prevent pests from entering. Only when our customers place a request, we will treat the inside of the building.

Steps Taken To Ensure Our Customers’ Safety:

  • Unless you request, we will not enter your building.
  • We wear gloves, mask and other protective gears during the appointment.
  • We practice appropriate sanitation and hand washing techniques during every appointment.
  • We use clean and sanitised equipment during the pest treatment process.
  • We respect and adhere to social distancing.

Keep Your Business Premises protected!

Our pest control services enable essential businesses to provide services safely, prevent outbreaks of diseases and decrease the risk of downtime. Pest infestations that occurred during the lifted lockdown will setback the return of your commercial building to regular use. By using our pest control services, you can have an eye on pest infestations and act upon quickly.

Call Us Now!

With a little or no disturbance from people during the lockdown, buildings can provide a perfect place for pests such as rodents and cockroaches to colonise and breed. These tiny creatures can damage several areas of your building to gain access to your building to find food and shelter. Whether your business has been closed or operating with a limited number of employees, give us a call on 1300 997 272 to keep your building pest-free.