COVID-19 quarantine period has gifted two things; it is nothing but clean surroundings and pests explosion. Yes, With the scarcity of regular and large supply of foods has been cut for a few months, pests have been targeting households as their food and shelter source. Pest Control Melbourne companies insist on the benefits of getting pest control at the start and end of every year to ensure that your house is safe and sound. Among the pests, possum removal melbourne have been visiting households and businesses in most suburbs of Melbourne. While it may be funny to watch a possum fighting, or playing near your property, you certainly don’t want them sheltering in your residence. In this blog post, we’ll cover the preventive measures, which you can do to stop them from entering your house.

  • Possums eat just about anything, and they often eat your pet food and gorge on bird feeders. It is why you mustn’t leave the pet food outside for a long time. Keep the pet food indoors, and make sure to check your pet often. As they are known to attack your pets and steal their food, its good to have frequent check over your pet’s body and see if they are okay.

  • Possums are intelligent and have a strong sense of memory, and they can easily open any garbage can with a lid. They are messy and can litter the entire place with rubbish. You will be shocked to see the mess on your property. Having possum-proof or pest-proof garbage can would be helpful in this case. You can place them in the garage or the backyard.

  • Whether it’s your backyard or front yard keep them clutter-free and if you have any over-grown plants or shrubs where these could hide, trim them or remove them.

  • Possums dislike the pungent smell and will likely deter away. Garlic sprays, detergent and mustard sprays on fleshy and sweet plants would chase them; they are less-inclined towards these treated foliage and vegetable plants.

Bottom Line

With the New Year eve around the corner, chase these annoying creatures away from your property with the help of professional possum control melbourne services and ring in 2021 with a fresh start. If you spot a possum in your property and want to get rid of them, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.