Rats are the most annoying & dirtiest pests you can ever see. They’re hyperactive at night,  scurry around, eat anything they find at your home. On top of all, they’re smart, sense danger and have a knack for escaping from the bait. A rat removal Melbourne professional can help detect their presence & provide effective treatments to deter them away. Aside from this, make some efforts to keep your home unfriendly for them. Fall season becomes a favourite season for rats & have got every reason to keep your home protected from these dirty creatures.

Set Baits Based On Rat’s Diet

Different species of rats eat foods and are clever to escape from rats. So, you need to know what they eat. Black rats are plant-eaters & brown rats are omnivorous and eat about anything. When keeping baits, try putting strong-smelling foods like cheese, fish, nuts & crunchy peanut butter are best at luring them & falling into the bait.

Seal Your House

Even you don’t want rats around they can still gravitate back to your property. From shelter to food & water, they need your house. As they’re professional climbers, even a small crack or crevice can allow these pesky creatures inside your home.

Place Traps On Their Way

When it comes to placing baits, make sure to keep them hidden and visible to rats in their usual way. Rats are intelligent & would ignore the baits & make their way to your home. Be sure to place the baits carefully.

Keep Plants That Deter Rats

Rats have a strong sense of smell. You can keep plants with a strong odour like peppermint, garlic, cloves, hot peppers, marigolds, lavender and rosemary. If you plant around the kitchen and in areas they usually sneak through, they will rethink visiting your property.

These proven tips can help you get rid of them from your property. However, If the rat infestation is severe,  get help from the rat control melbourne experts from Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.