Did you know? Rats are neophobic and are afraid to try new things. So, when you keep bait, keep their favourites to lure them. If the rat infestation is severe, you need to call a rat removal technician to inspect your property and eliminate the pesky creatures. As winter is in full swing, these rats may sneak into your house to find some cosy corners in your home. So, what are rats afraid of? How can you chase them with simple & effective rat removal methods? Let’s find out.

Clean & Uncluttered Home

They say a clean home is a pest-free home & it’s true in the case of rats. When your home is kept clean and tidy with no room for dust and debris, rats may find it difficult to find shelter in your home. Rats are afraid of busy households as there would be people and there would be no place to sneak and hide & with lack of food, they move to another location.


Rats are afraid of cats, eagles, hawks, and snakes. If you have a cat at home, rats would be terrified to enter your home and may eventually leave your house. Having pets that hunt rodents is another method to keep rats at bay.


Rats dislike the smell of ammonia, peppermint, mothballs, crushed garlic, and crushed pepper spray. These have the intensity that rats cannot withstand; you can use this to scare rats away. Just use any of these at their infested spots & on areas, you suspect their presence.

Motion Detectors & Sound Alarms

If the infestation is severe, install motion detection with a sound alarm that alarms with lights whenever they spot a movement. As rats have excellent noise hearing power, they can’t bear noises at loud frequencies and may leave right away.

Give It A Thought

The best way to scare a rat is to call a pest control company that specializes in rat control. They have the proper solution & methods to eliminate them from your property.

If rats are a problem in your household, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today.