When the mice plague arose in regional New South Wales and Queensland, the residents implemented several tactics such as setting the traps, placing baits and fortifying houses to keep the tiny enemies out. But, even after several months of scuffling, the rodent numbers are surging wave after wave. Now, Australian farmers are warned to prepare for the second wave of the mouse plague as it is expected to surge again in spring in a bigger way.

As the rodents stop breeding in wintertime, the mouse plague has been halted for a while, but if their numbers increase in the upcoming days, a devastating outbreak of the second wave would come into spring.

Bait Early – Said Steve Henry, The CSIRO Mouse Expert.

Steve Henry, the CSIRO mouse expert, said that the mouse numbers were already surging across the country albeit it is still mid-August.  He spoke to farmers in the rural communities who have started to bait up their fields already.

Mr Henry told that mice can have around 10 babies every 19 to 21 days when they start to breed. After combatting with years of drought, farmers are expecting to harvest plentiful crops, but mice are breeding at an unexpected pace and gorging on canola, legumes and grain. He also advised farmers to start baiting as quickly as possible before the rodents start feeding on the crops.  If the pests gain access to the crops, they won’t feed on the baits.

Will Mice Make Their Way To Cities?

Mr Henry said that people living in the cities like Sydney and Melbourne have no fear of the mouse plague. Mice live everywhere where humans are, so there could be underlying population of mice in urban areas as well.

He also added that the rodents would not move into cities as a group as these places have less food available for them. Moreover, mice don’t have any means of transportation to attempt long distance travel. His only advice to farmers is to kill as many mice as possible before the crop comes up.

What Should You Do?

Mice are incredibly resilient critters and the most successful creatures on the planet. If you want to stop these pests from conquering your property or gorging your crops, please do contact the pest control melbourne experts of Enviro Safe Pest Control. For any questions you may have about mice removal melbourne services, call us on 1300 997 272.