A plague of mice has been overrunning homes and businesses in regional Queensland with many locals being bitten in their sleep. Towns all through the North Burnett region have been conquered by these pesky pests in the recent weeks, with many dreadful stories starting to emerge.

Joe Kneebone, a local resident of Gayndah, told 7 News Sunrise that he was catching more than 300 mice daily using traps that were set around his farm.  He also added that the rodents were seen everywhere and they were not afraid of anything. Joe Kneebone also told the news outlet that he can’t even keep the chicken feed as the vermin were capable of finding the barrels, boring holes through it and having an amazing day. He could also see these annoying pests running across the road while driving along the roads.

Kneebone explained that a mild winter and months of wet weather created the ideal condition for the rodent rampage, with abundance of grass for them to feast on. He also told that after going through a bit of drought for four years, the region had 800ml rain during the last year, which created a perfect breeding ground for the rodents to increase their numbers.

Likewise, Susie Capewell who was living outside the town of Gayndah said that she caught around 1,000 mice in the past couple of weeks. When she spoke to a couple of people in Gayndah, she came to know that one person got bitten on his hand whereas the other one had these vermin in their hair at night time.

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