Gone are those days when people used to pet cats in order to scare mouse. Back in that time cats were kept in houses to catch rodents and dogs were kept to safeguard the house. Now a day’s pets are treated like family members who are well fed and looked after, therefore cats do not wish to catch rodents in order to fill their empty tummy. They are already so well fed that they do not get tempted to catching mouse as it involves efforts. Hire a professional rat removal melbourne company to get rid of rats from your house & commercial areas.

Therefore, if you have a problem of rats in your house which is damaging your property and creating a menace then petting a cat would not be the most appropriate method to get rid of rats. Everybody is aware of the fact that rats in house are a big menace, the sad part about rats is that if you have a couple residing in then they can turn into an infestation even before you realise. Hence it is very important to take protective measures, which includes involving a rat control melbourne agency. Even if you do not sight a rat, it is still wise to get your house inspected from time to time.

Rats are one of the most annoying pests amongst all, they not only damage property, create a mess but also are a carrier of diseases.

Following are Three of the Most Common Reasons Why You Must Plan to Get Rid of them as a Soon as Possible.

  1. Carrier of diseases-One of the most dreadful disease such as the black plague has been associated with rats. They are furry animals which spread diseases. Not only do they spread diseases but also acts as a safe haven for breeding of other pests such as fleas, lice, ticks and mites.
  2. Mouse have very sharp teeth and with time their teeth get shaper and sharper as they have a habit of biting into objects such as furniture, cloth, upholstery and building burrows. This can cause significant damages especially when they bite electrical wires which may prove to cause health and safety hazard. Mouse generally find their way in to the house through building burrow which can cause a harm to the foundation of the property.
  3. As mentioned above, rats can lead to health and safety hazards by biting into electrical equipment and damaging wire and gas pipelines, this can lead to fire or an explosion. They can spill liquids on to objects and can lead to substantial damages and putting a danger to life.

Keeping all the above points in mind, it is therefore advisable to get in touch with a pest control melbourne agency which have all the relevant knowledge and equipment’s to deal with rats and rats’ infestation.