Like bees and spiders, wasps are another headache for homeowners as wasp safe heaven is your garden, patio and the surrounding yard. As summer is in full swing, they come out from hibernation and build nests near your patio or backyards. They are flying dangers and can make your summer playtime annoying and exhausting. To protect your family & friends, prevent them from building nests in the first place by making your home garden unattractive. If you already discovered a wasp net inside or on your property, it’s time to reach out to the wasp control melbourne professionals for help. Also, you can deter them by making some changes. Let’s get started.

Remove Food Sources From Around Your Patio

Wasps are always on the lookout for food like ripe & rotten fruits, fruit juice spills, grilled meat or any snack spill overs that they find on your property. So, keep your yard clean and clear, move away from the bird feeders from the trees. Also, don’t leave pet foods outside the property. Doing so, you can keep them at bay.

Keep The Doors & Windows Shut

Though you tend to enjoy the summer breeze a bit, wasps can sneak into your house through doors and windows while you do this. So, ensure to seal all the cracks & crevices around your patio to prevent wasps from entering your home.

Place Wasp-Repelling Plants

If you’re a green-thumbed person, try keeping wasp repellents like marigold, mint, basil and geranium plants to bid good-bye to these fly. You can keep these wasp-deterring plants as a natural line of defence.

Clear The Trash

Like possums, wasps love trash food, whatever left-overs are there, they will be drawn towards that. Whether is rotten fruit, meat or snacks, make sure you clear them from the property & seal the garbage bags. So, always remember to clear up the leftover mess and sanitise the area.

Cover The Ground

While checking their nest, check for any holes in the ground where wasps look for hollow cavities to build their home. You can seal them up with cement or mud and level up the ground.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for wasp removal melbourne services, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today.