Bees are beautiful creatures and their season usually depends on the flowering season & temperature. During spring & summer, they’re active feed on flowering plants & collect nectar & pollen from their preferred plants. Aside from this, when you have a beautiful flower garden, you can expect them to come to your garden. If it becomes a threat to your safety, call bee control melbourne to remove them from your property.

Types Of Bees

The common types of bees found in house yards are honey bees, carpenter bees & bumblebees. These bees are active from spring to summer & feed on the flowering plants. They remain active throughout the summer season. If you have a problem with any of these three bees, make sure to get help from a certified pest control melbourne professional.

Where They’re Commonly Found?

Honey bees can be seen in garden areas, treetops & around the yard. Honey bees are great collectors of honey and will rush to the nest once their job is done. Carpenter bees create holes in the wood around homes. You can find them on wooden lawns or furniture and any wood surface. Bumblebees are short & fuzzy but are larger than honey bees and are better pollinators.

What You Must Do?

These three types of bees look for safe places where they can build their nests & feed on flowering plants. These bees vary in stings, honey collection & thrive in different habitats. If ever you’re happened to see any of the buzzing flies around your property, you must not attack or disturb them or try any DIY removal jobs. You can call on a beekeeper service or a bee removal melbourne professional to move them to a different locale. As they’re pollinators and crucial to our ecosystem, it’s best to remove them rather than exterminate them.

Whether you suspect a bee presence or already having a bee infestation, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today.