In short, the answer is No. Bees look for shelter that gives easy access to nectar or pollen. When bees become a concern to you, you must hire pest control or bee control services to eliminate them from your garden. Also, they won’t sting you unless they get provoked or touched. So, whenever you find a beehive on your house wall or in the tree, call on a professional beekeeper or a bee control melbourne specialist to help you out. In today’s blog, we’ll see why bees sting & do bees damage your property? Let’s get started.

The Search For Nectar

Bees are always searching for nectar or pollen from the flowers in your yard and don’t sting people unless they feel a threat. Also, they don’t damage any area of your property like other species of bees or wasps. Usually, wasps can ruin the appearance of your property with their muddy nests. Honey bees build their hives where they feel safe & choose the place with easy access to collect nectar & pollen.

They Protect Their Hives

Just like people, honey bees protect their hives with their security bees & buzz around your large & colourful flowering garden. They only prevent their beehive from being attacked. When you see a beehive, you should keep your distance from them. As bee stings are painful & it’s safe to be alert & stay away from the hive.

They Release Apitoxin

When a honey bee stings you, they release the venom called Apitoxin, which causes pain, numbness and allergies on the skin. Their stringers are sharp that can pierce through your skin & most honey bees die after they sting. Generally, the stringers stick to the skin, even when the bee die-off.

Bees are a crucial part of our earth’s ecosystem. Without bees, we will not have the gorgeous flowers, fruits, crops, or honey that we enjoy today. It’s the reason pest control melbourne experts at Enviro Safe Pest Control remove & replace their hives with a safe place instead of extermination.

If you’re looking for bee control melbourne services, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today.