Is your home look like the old scary movie bungalow? Spider webs everywhere, big spiders just crawl out from the web to attack, Sounds scary right? Though spiders are not harmful to humans, you cannot have them in your surroundings. Normally, they love gardens and take advantage of your plants. Slowly if they find your home as a secured place, they will soon turn your space into a house of horror. Many pest control melbourne companies offer spider control melbourne services as well. So, you can always rely on pest controllers melbourne to help you out.

How To Get Rid Of Them?

  • Cover the windows with a window mesh. Spiders find their way to indoor through the window gaps, but when you seal it with mesh, you can prevent them from coming in.
  • Keep your pot plants or shrubs at a certain distance, spiders hide under plants, and they can easily reach your space if you keep them near you.
  • There are many species of spiders. Especially brown recluse spiders inflict great pain when they bite. They are largely attracted to wood piles and find comfort in your basements, attics, shelves, and cupboards. Dusting these places often would prove to be the best solution to stop their easy entry.
  • Keep your boots and shoes clean and indoor. Before sliding your feet in, you must dust them thoroughly. Spiders will sometimes hide in them as well. Instead, use a separate stand to keep them.
  • Seal the exterior walls of your house, and look for any unidentified gaps or cracks.
  • Keep the curtains and doormats clean and tidy.
  • Spiders at home alert the presence of another pest at home as well. They feed on other pests like flies, cockroaches, moths, and mosquitoes. If you get clear of all these, then your home would be less-attractive for spiders, and you can successfully get rid of them in a short time.

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