Pests are a forever issue in every household. However, if you’re buying a new home, you should know the property as a prospective home buyer. When it comes to inspecting the house, pest issues & the history of infestations are also crucial things to consider. You can call pest control Melbourne to pest-proof your home before you even settle in your new home. As there are lots of things to look at, we have compiled a few areas that might be attractive to pests. Before you pest-proof your home, be sure to inspect & get rid of any possibility & put a stop to pests. Let’s get started.


Wood piles and firewood are the perfect breeding spots for pests like termites, rats and mice and more. If previous homeowners have stocked firewood and left it untreated can draw pests toward the home and provide a point of entry.


Clogged gutters are also another factor that encourages termites, flies and other pests to your home and even puts you through insulation issues.


Tree stumps are not only an unlikely thing to have in your yard; the rotting wood can attract termites to your home. Be sure to remove the tree stumps before settling down in your home.


If the previous homeowner had used wood mulch against the foundation of a home, the wood and moisture are a perfect spot for termites.


Tree branches and leaves that come in contact with the roof or the home’s exterior can provide a pathway for rats and mice to enter the home. If the garden is overgrown or too bushy, trim them down and clear off the garden waste, making it easier for possum removal melbourne professionals to pest-proof your new home efficiently.

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