Yes. Bees are eco-friendly, responsible for pollination and provider of delicious honey. However, they are not welcome near households & commercial outlets. The painful stings they give are what scare people. Among the different bee species, honey bees are considered the most important as they play the main role in our ecosystem. It can be a lovely sight to watch them buzzing around in public gardens, wild trees and definitely not in our home walls or patios. The reason is their stings are painful and can create trauma for people with sensitivity and allergies. If you have spotted a beehive in your home, between the walls, it can be hard to remove them as it is tricky and unsafe. Let’s get to the expert tips from bee removal melbourne specialists.

If the hives are built inside the walls or between two walls, try not to disturb them. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting stings all over. Instead, you can call to a beehive removal melbourne expert or smoker to get rid of them. This way, they’re not harmed but are moved to a different location.

By any means, if you have access to the exterior walls through which you can make a hole to reach the beehive and take away the hive using your hands by wearing protective clothing to prevent bee stings.

Bees will be inactive during mild or cold temperatures, so use this time to smoke the hive for they think, there is fire and try to excavate from the beehive. This way, you can catch them with the help of a bee vacuum as it will not harm them. The collected bees can be placed in a separate chamber and moved to a new location.

While removing them, try not to provoke them or annoy them as they’re highly aggressive. If you’re afraid and need professional help, hire bee removal experts to help you out.

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