Though possums are not harmful, they’re wild animals and should not be encouraged around your property. When faced with a threat, they bite back, and some of them play dead. They appear cute but can carry diseases like tuberculosis. So, whenever you spot them near your property, you must call possum control services in melbourne to help you out. Possums are omnivores and can gorge on a variety of foods, ranging from fruits, grasses, insects, birds, fish and much more.

  • As Possums are nocturnal, they are highly active at night and can be annoying. They hunt for food at night and seek shelter in hollow logs and trees, crawling spaces, garages, and abandoned areas around your property.

  • They are messy and can turn your house into a disaster and can harm your pets as well.

  • So, you must always keep the cooked closed and clean the spilt leftovers.

  • Possums are often found digging in trashcans and rustling around the attic. So, make sure to keep the trashcan closed and keep a check on your attic.

  • They can even damage your edible garden and you can hear the scratching & gnawing sounds, marks are seen around the roof eaves.

  • Also, when you see noticeable damage to your electrical wires, you must immediately call upon a pest control service to help you out.

  • You must never let these possums control you in your own home when there are many ways to eradicate them.

  • If the infestation is severe, it’s essential to get the help of pest control experts to help identify them and get advise on the best methods to use.

Bottom Line

If you’re facing possum infestations at home, our possum removal melbourne experts at Enviro Safe Pest Control can help. Our trained professionals will contact you upon receiving your request, and we will come and visit the place that is convenient for you. For home inspection services, call us on 1300 997 272.