Possums are a nuisance to house owners, and you certainly do not want them near your property. They are nocturnal and are always in search of food. If you suspect that you have a possum infestation at home, call a possum removal melbourne services to get rid of them. They will help you with effective possum control methods to chase them. Though there are many ways to prevent them from entering your house, you need some smart tricks that forces the possums that are already there to run out. Here, we have gathered some tips about the best possum control methods, which would help get rid of these dirty creatures from your house as soon as possible.

Inspect Your Space

Keep the doors and windows closed. Inspect your attic, patio, porches, and paths, and your vegetable gardens thoroughly.

Plant Onion & Garlic

If you have a decorative vegetable garden, possums will find it captivating. Plant onion and garlic to shield your garden or even you can cut some cloves of garlic, and add some water to it and gently let them infuse overnight. If you spray this mixture on the areas they had been to, they will get annoyed and run off. They dislike the pungent smell and will not return to your property again.

Live Traps

If you want to remove them in an eco-friendly way, keep live traps to catch them. You can prepare fresh bait like fish and peanut butter bread and spread some veggies to entice them and once you caught them. Ensure to call a possum control melbourne professional to help you discard them from the trap.

Motion Light Sensors

Install motion light sensors that detect any possums movement and glares immediately, and these night creatures will be quite alarmed by the signal and run off immediately.

Sound Alarms

If the infestation is severe, you can invest in some sound alarms to threaten them. These sound alarm devices are meant to scare them, and they will never even think of returning to your property.

Bottom Line

Though all the above methods will be helpful to you, you can always rely on professional possum control services to eradicate them from your property. If you’re looking for possum control services melbourne to help, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.