Keeping your house clean is a must. This is because your property is home to various kinds of pests that can put your loved one’s health at risk. Even the cleanest home can still get pest control problems for various reasons.

Pests Can Get Through Small Gaps:

Pests are expert at finding a way into homes. While mice can squeeze through a small hole, the average rat can get through a hole which is less than a quarter-inch in size. Spiders and cockroaches need less space to get in. Gaps and holes in windows and doors, holes meant for pipes, gaps around window AC units and vents are the most common entry points of pests.

Pests Can Hitchhike On Your Luggage Or Attire:

Pests like bedbugs can hitchhike onto clothing or luggage and get into your home. Most people bring these bedbugs by overnight lodging, and by traveling in buses, planes and trains. Though these pests don’t spread disease, they can cause itchy bites which can be quite painful too.

Pests Can Smell Unsealed Food:

One of the first things that you should do after every meal is to clean the spills and store the leftover food in airtight containers. If you fail to store your food properly, it would become easier for the rodents and insects to catch the scent of food and get into your home.

Pet’s Food Can Also Attract Pests:

Your pet’s food is a free meal for a mouse or a cockroach. That is why it is highly recommended to avoid leaving the pet food out all day and night. It is better to discard the left-over food immediately when your pet is done with eating its share.

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