Pest infestations in any form can be annoying. They mess around, eat your groceries, make damage to the property and most importantly annoy you during sleep hours. It’s essential to get rid of them before it becomes severe. And Possums are no exception. Though they are not predatory, they can annoy you at their best, your trash bins are their favourite food search spot and can mess up the property as you have never imagined. So, calling a pest control service or a possum control Melbourne can help them move away from your property. In this blog, we intend to provide some basic tricks to help them get out of your house immediately.

There are many different ways that a possum can get into your house, mostly in search of food and water and shelter. If your house has open patios, dense gardens and large windows that are open, they can get in easily. But when they get in, here’s what you should do.

  • Once you spot a possum at your home, immediately lock all the doors and cover the holes that you find in the house.
  • Wear some rugged clothes and gloves before reaching out to the animal, arm yourself with a broomstick or bat to usher the animal.
  • When confronted, they can attack back by biting, so it’s better to protect yourself with some protective clothing.
  • This step should be the next to guide the possum to reach the door, which leads to the outdoor area. Gently usher the animal on its way to reach the outdoor, if you find them struggling to come out, keep a trail or food bait that is attracting for them.
  • But while doing this, you should give them some time and peace and then see whether they reach for the bait, if they come out, you can usher them and get them out of your house easily.
  • Finally, you can call a possum removal melbourne service to help you out. They employ safe methods to move these dirty creatures out from your house efficiently.

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