gigantic wasp nest wasp infestation

A homeowner in Melbourne was so frightened when he encountered a gigantic wasp nest growing inside his home. The property in Essendon had been uninhabited for years, giving the stinging crawlies plenty of time to establish their nest. When the resident returned and was confronted with the nest growing out of their walls, he immediately approached Enviro Safe Pest Control to deal with these scary creatures.

The wasp control experts described the nest as an alien-like structure suspended from the ceiling. They also added that it was the largest wasp nest that they had encountered in their pest control career. It was estimated that this monstrous nest had thousands and thousands of European wasps. Before approaching the nest, they carried out multiple stages of treatments to exterminate the wasps so that they were able to demolish the nest safely.

It was found that the nest was built using organic matter, which seemed to be made by eating wall plaster and combining it with wood fiber and saliva. The nest consisted of several layers of comb to accommodate the larvae, and holes for entry and exit as well as for ventilation.

The wasp nest removal experts also added that it was surprising to see subterranean wasps build such a colossal nest on the ceiling as these vermin have the pattern of building nests on the ground. They also said that if someone happened to come near the nest, they could have been swarmed by the wasps or stung repeatedly.

At Enviro Safe Pest Control, we recommend that the residents of Melbourne not approach such nests unless you are a trained professional. There are more than 12,000 species of wasps present in Australia, and you may not know which species are aggressive and which are not. So, it is always better to call in professional pest control experts like us to help you with the situation.

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