Recent weather conditions in Victoria have turned out to be favourable for mosquito breeding across the state. Mosquito population has skyrocketed across several parts of Victoria and the risk of mosquito-borne diseases such as Murray Valley Encephalitis (MVE), Japanese Encephalitis (JE), Ross River and Barmah Forest Virus infections are likely to be higher this summer.

MVE and JE viruses are known to develop neurologic illness, weakness and movement disorders in people typically 1 to 2 weeks after exposure. Some parts of Victoria are classified as high-risk areas for these infections and they include

  • Benalla
  • Buloke
  • Campaspe
  • Gannawarra
  • Greater Bendigo
  • Greater Shepparton
  • Hindmarsh
  • Horsham
  • Indigo
  • Loddon
  • Mildura
  • Moira
  • Strathbogie
  • Swan Hill
  • Wangaratta
  • West Wimmera
  • Wodonga
  • Yarriambiack
  • Northern Grampians Shire

These areas have the right ecological condition, so people living in these regions are advised to protect themselves against mosquito borne diseases by taking necessary measures.

Advice for Education Settings

The Department of Health has advised the Department Of Education, including schools, day care centres and early childhood education centres in the above-mentioned high-risk areas to execute various mosquito control techniques to reduce the risk of mosquito borne diseases this season. The application of residual barrier treatments around the property can also be considered. Longer-term residual insecticides including bifenthrin, alpha-cypermethrin and lambda-cypermethrin can be applied for better results.

Mosquitoes usually rest on external surfaces of buildings, garden areas, sheds, fences, moist and wet surfaces, so these areas may require application of mosquito control products. Depending on the population of mosquitoes, weather condition and the products used, you may consider reapplication of mosquito control products. Properties with fish ponds should be thoroughly inspected and treated. Special attention should be given to potential breeding habitats such as hedges and backyards as they are highly attractive to mosquitoes.

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