No wonder all pests are equally terrible to deal with. And, March flies are certainly the worst! They are commonly known as horse fly or green fly and are ferocious biters you can ever come into contact with. It’s summer in Australia, and pests like March fly find summertime as the ideal time to eat, breed and multiply their colonies. And you could meet this attractive fly in your garden. If you are unaware, you might get stung by this fly and it may cause a severe allergic reaction in people. That’s why hiring pest control Melbourne near you makes sense. In today’s blog, learn about march flies, their nature, and how to identify them.

What Are March Flies?

March flies are stout flies that are about 6mm to 25 mm in length. The males have a green head that usually feeds on nectar, plant juices, and mammals. The male march flies are bigger than the hover fly and are harmful. The females are the persistent biters that can use their pointy and sharp strings to suck blood from the skin.

Are March Flies A Threat?

Yes. March flies are a threat to humans, domestic animals, pests like cats and dogs, livestock, and other mammals. Once they find your garden attractive, they will immediately leave you with painful bites. So, if you come in contact with any of them, you must reach out to bee removal or wasp removal services as they are known to handle all types of flies and buzzing insects.

When Do They Breed?

They breed in large numbers during summer months after rainfall and you could find them on damp soil, rot holes in trees, rotting vegetation, and on holes in trees.

Why Do they Bite?

March flies are not bees or wasps that attack humans when they are threatened. March flies suck blood to feed themselves and use their sharp needle-like nose to drink blood. They cause severe inflammation, throbbing pain, wheezing, and fever in some individuals.

Can March Flies Be Controlled?

Yes! Pest control companies like Enviro Safe Pest Control can provide efficient control measures, and removal services to control their spread.  They also provide bee and wasp nest removal Melbourne, possum removal, rat removal Melbourne, and termite control treatments to keep you and your property safe.

So if you are troubled by March Flies, get help from our pest control professionals from Enviro Safe Pest Control. To schedule home inspections, call 1300 997 272 today.