Australia is not only a land of opportunities, but it’s a land of diverse species of wasps too. Notably, Australian Hornet Wasps are known as “Potter Wasps” or “Mason Wasps”. You might have experienced the presence of wasps in the garden or a park. Wasps aren’t a thing for many. But some are allergic to wasp stings. Having a wasp nest inside your property can be scary.  Before you call a pest control Melbourne expert for help, know what attracts this Australian Hornet Wasp to your home and how to identify its nest.

How Do They Look?

Never approach a wasp nest with DIY wasp removal techniques. You should know the type of wasp species you handle. It’s not advisable to eliminate the wasp nest or swat the swarm of wasps on your own. If you have no idea about how it looks, here’s how they appear. They are large with a black mark on their thorax and a black band around their abdomen with translucent wings, which look slightly orange and black at the end.

Food Leftovers and Juices

Australian Hornets have a strong sense of smell and gravitate toward leftover foods, fruit juices, and sweet-smelling flowers. Avoid wearing fruit-based perfumes that entice them and store the leftovers in garbage cans.


These wasps look for a shelter near their food source and usually build their mud nests on roof gutters, buildings, and other structures in your home that are safe for them. If wasps think your house is an ideal nesting location, they will not leave your property. Take help from a wasp control Melbourne to eliminate their nests.

Garden Insects

Moreover, they prefer houses with gardens and yards with lots of trees and plants to catch caterpillars and other bugs to feed their young larvae. If you see their nest in your home or office, call wasp nest removal in Melbourne for help.

Sweet-Smelling Flowers

Australian hornet wasps visit flowering gardens as flowers emit fragrance and nectar that attracts the Australian Hornets to your home.

If you are experiencing wasp infestation or have found Australian Hornet wasps at your building, call the wasp removal professionals from Enviro Safe Pest Control. To schedule home inspections, call 1300 997 272 today.