In the unending race between cockroaches and humans, it seems like the roaches may be winning. Yes, cockroaches are becoming superbugs that are not viable to kill. According to the latest study published in Scientific Reports, researchers from Purdue University in the US discovered that some German cockroaches are quickly evolving to be resistant to pesticides and are passing down their resistant genes to their offspring too.

About The Research:

The main objective of this research is to determine the most effective method to kill cockroaches. For this study, the researchers subjected cockroaches collected from several buildings to three different insecticidal treatments over six months. Before the research, the cockroaches were studied thoroughly to determine what they were resistant to.

  • In the first treatment, three different classes of insecticides were used alternatively each month.
  • In the second treatment, two different classes of insecticides were mixed and used for the six month period.
  • In the third treatment, one insecticide which the roaches had minimum resistance to was used.

What Was The Result?

The results of the research were fascinating and mixed.

  • The first treatment kept the numbers of roach flat and unable to reduce them.
  • The second treatment was not effective as the population of the roaches was flourishing.
  • The results of the third treatment varied – in one test, the bugs were completely wiped out and in another, the populations increased.

The researchers studied some of the remaining cockroaches in the lab and discovered that the roaches had resistance to the insecticides used. Surprisingly, they have also gained resistance to other classes of pesticides that had not been used. As cockroaches developed cross-resistance, it has become impossible to kill them with chemicals alone.

Final Verdict Of The Research:

The research team says that humans should wise up different techniques when it comes to cockroach control melbourne. They also highlighted the need for combining chemical treatments with improved sanitation, regular vacuuming and bait traps to control the population of roaches.

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