Rodent season is upon us, and nothing can make homeowners frustrated than the likelihood of dealing with a rodent infestation. Whether it is rats, mice, possums or other vermin, winter season is the time of the year when the rodents make their way to your home in search of food and shelter. Though hiring rodent control Melbourne experts is an optimal way to prevent their entry, you can still keep these unwanted invaders this winter with a few simple rodent proofing tips.

Avoid Providing Meal For Hungry Rodents:

Keep your counter tops clear of food crumbs and residue. Also, ensure that all of your goodies are stored in sealed containers to restrict their easy access. Pet foods are a common draw for rats and mice, so remember to keep your pets’ food sealed.

Seal Off All Points Of Entry:

Mice and rats are capable of squeezing through very small gaps or any opening larger than ¼ inch. Seal off any cracks or gaps in the wall and foundations using wire mesh. Also, look for spots where there are gaps and fill them with caulk and mesh. Even adding a cap to the chimney is a good idea to keep the rodents away.

Keep Your Logs High Above The Ground:

If you burn wood in the winter to keep your warm, keep your logs high above the ground. As firewood is a favourite spot for the mice and rats, be sure to store them away from your house.

Install Bush Strips To Your Exterior Door:

Another great way to prevent rodents from getting into your home is to install bush strips to your exterior doors. When you block off all the small gaps, mice will hardly find ways to enter your home.

Call The Pest Control Experts:

If you suspect rodent activities despite the steps you have taken to proof your home, hiring rat control Melbourne experts could be beneficial. For rat removal Melbourne services, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.