People uses various ways to get rid of bed bugs, which involve home cleaning method and professional methods. If the infestation is not widespread then you can try the DIY method, however if you wish to have bed bugs control Melbourne instantly and believe the bed bugs infestation is getting to much to handle then it is advisable to seek professional help.

If you are in Melbourne, you can make use of both non-chemical based treatment as well as chemical based treatment in a responsible way can be helpful for your family.

Bed bugs control and Removal options

Temperature control For Bed Bugs Removal

Bed bugs cannot sustain very high temperature; therefore, the easiest way to kill the bed bugs along with their eggs is to raise the temperature to a limit where they cannot survive. This is a quick and a foul proof method for situations that allow increasing the temperature to about 115°F (46°C). On the other hand bed bugs can also not resist very low temperature, therefore where increasing the temperature is not possible, lowering down the temperature to less than 32°F(less than 0°C) is another alternative to remove the bed bugs.

Vacuuming For Bed Bugs Removal

In case of soft furnishing such as cracks of the mattresses and carpets, vacuuming proves to be a great way to get rid of bed bugs. High power vacuums are used to suction the bed bugs.

Scrubbing, washing and steaming For Bed Bug Removal

Scrubbing and washing clothing and bedding at very high temperature also proves to kill the bed bugs, in fact this method of Bedbug removal is also used after use of other methods so that the dead scales of the bed bugs, and their decaying smell can be removed.

Our pesticides and insecticide are also added to the water used for steaming and washing to get rid of foul smell.

Insecticides For Bed Bugs Removal

If none of the above DIY methods works then there are several insecticides that are used such as the powder kits, which provides 100% elimination. The insecticides are sprayed to areas, which are hard to reach. These spays are sprayed with special nozzle so that they attack the bed bugs hidden in cracks and dark spaces.

Special baits are made use of which target 100% removal of bed bugs. Last but not the least special pest growth regulators are used to combat the growth of bed bugs so that they do not attain maturity and finally die; they also block eggs to hatch hence controlling infestation. Hire the professional Bed Bugs Removal Melbourne company for all your Bed bugs removal needs.