Ants are one of the most common crawling insects, which can create a havoc if their infestation takes place. They may be small but their numbers are large, as they live in colonies and are social beings. In order to get rid of ant infestation, it is important to find its source. You can target them by several ways. These consist of both DIY method as well as professional help.

Following are few of the tips provided by experts which are providing ants pest control in  Melbourne that would definitely help you while dealing with ants:

  • First and foremost, it’s vital to figure out the source from where they are creeping in. Ant prefer warm and cosy environment where they can easily find food and water. Try to find their reverse trail and see where they are coming from and eventually block their entry point.
  • Ants are easy to kill but very often, we forget to wipe out their pheromone trail. Ants have a tendency of leaving a pheromone trail so that other ants can follow them. Therefore after you have killed the ants, immediately wipe out their trail with soapy water so that new ants do not come crawling in.
  • If there are too many ants then make use of chemicals such as Borax and diatomaceous. By sprinkling Borax and diatomaceous over the ants, ants are killed instantaneously. This is one of the most common method used by ant control Melbourne.
  • Make use of a bait. Once you have found the entry point from where the ant creep in, place the bait and wait for the ants to take it to their place of dwelling, this way it would infect other ants with the bait, and eventually the entire colony is destroyed.Last but not the least, if none of the above works then seek professional help. There are several Ant control Services, which make use of professional methods that provide sure shot results.