Carpenter ants are wood-destroying pests that survive in damp climates and make their way where excessive moisture accumulates. Though these ants may not feed on the wood they chew, they can still cause a lot of damages to your property. Once they are in, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them. Here are some ant pest control tips that you can do it yourself to keep these dangerous pests at bay.

Locate The Nest:

You should do some detective work to find the nest of the carpenter ants. Usually, they are attracted to sweets, so place a little bit of jelly or jam on their way and allow ants to take it back to the nest. By closely watching them, you can easily find the nest.

Make A Bait:

Once you have found the nest of carpenter ants, you can set out bait to kill them. Mix equal amount of sugar and baking soda in a shallow dish and place it along the path of the ants. The sugar might attract the ants, but the baking soda will slay down them naturally.

Clean Up The Trails:

The carpenter ants depend on their trails to locate the food sources. Cleaning the surfaces where the ants have travelled through using tea tree oil, lemon or orange extract can interrupt their trails and prevent ants from returning.

Destroy The Nest:

Make holes around the nesting areas of these carpenter ants and puff boric acid through the holes using a bulb duster. Repeating these treatments several times help destroying the nest completely.

Call The Professionals For Help:

If you find these works to be tedious or feel that the infestation is extremely severe, then calling in the professionals of pest control melbourne is a great idea. We will thoroughly inspect your home to locate all the nests and deploy the most effective ant control melbourne to completely get rid of them. If you see any carpenter ants in your home, don’t wait to call our ant pest control melbourne on 1300 997 272.