Do you believe that you have a possum over your roof? Do you hear its noises at night? Then, act quickly to get rid of this annoying creature from your property with the help of pest control melbourne experts. The natural habitat of the possum is the hollows of the trees, but they quickly get adapted to human homes and seek shelter in your attic. Learn what to do if you have a possum in your roof.

Provide An Alternate Residence To Possum:

If a possum has taken up its shelter in your roof, there are a few humane things that you can do to drive them out of your property. First of all, buy a nest box as an alternate accommodation for the possum and place it in the roof. Keep some fruits and leave it there for a few days so that the possum gets adjusted to its alternate dwelling place.

A few days later, remove the nest box and place it in a nearby tree. Don’t forget to put some fruits in it to attract the marsupial. When the creature is out of your roof, seal all the holes, gaps and other potential entry points. Make sure that the possum is not inside your home before sealing up the holes.

Trapping A Possum:

If you have decided to trap and release a possum, think twice before you proceed. In Victoria, it is illegal to trap the possum and release it in areas more than 50 meters away from where it is trapped. This is because the possums living there will harm or kill the new possum released. Moreover, they won’t be able to find enough food or shelter in the new area.

Call The Professionals:

One of the best ways to get rid of possums from your roof is to call the professional possum removal melbourne experts. They will analyse the situation and come up with the best possum removal plan without breaking the laws.

For possum control in Melbourne, look no further than Enviro Safe Pest Control. We have the knowledge and experience required to get rid of the possum from your property as per the legal requirements. For more information on our pest control services, call 1300 997 272 and talk to us today.