Yes. Possum control is possible. Keeping them away will save you from a lot of trouble. Possums are wild animals and can create quite a mess for your property and pets. As they are resourceful animals, they make their way to your house by making holes in ducts, walls, and enter through cracks or crevices at your home to thrive well. Though DIY possum control treatments work to a certain extent, hiring professional possum control melbourne services can be the best bet. They use eco-friendly possum control deterrents, medicines and applications to curb their entry & ensure to prevent future infestations.

They Dislike Clean Homes

Unlike rats, possums dislike clean homes and prefer a messier place to thrive in. It’s because it’s much easier for them to roam around, rummage garbage bins, and steal your tasty treats from your pets. A clean house will discourage them to leave at the earliest.

Bright Lights & Repellents Scares Them

Bleach powder and bright alarming lights can scare possums and make them run away from your house immediately. Bleach powder has a pungent smell which forces them to leave instantly.

Remove Wood Piles & Rotten Fruits & Vegetables

Food leftovers, rotten vegetables & fruits, dry leaves, woodpiles attract possums to your property. You must ensure to remove these from your yard and kitchen to keep possums at bay. If they don’t have any of their food source in your yard or house, they’ll eventually stop entering your yard and move to the other. 

Maintain Your Property Well

The best way to stop them is to have a strong fence that is tall enough for them to climb. Also, trim and cut off any tree that lends its branches beyond the fence. When your property provides easy access for possums to get into your property, they’re not going anywhere else sooner.

If you’re looking for a possum removal melbourne services that is bad for possums and good for your wallet, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on  1300 997 272 today.