Dealing with possum infestations at home? You’re not alone. All you need to do is, call a professional possum removal in melbourne company to inspect your property. To limit their accessibility and to prevent the possums from taking shelter in your residence, make your home less attractive for them. As possums are opportunistic creatures, they find ways to get inside your property. They can eat just about anything, and this is why they’re widely seen in urban surroundings. Also, possums are excellent climbers and leapers, they can get access to your property by any means. So, if you spot a possum near your property or suspect that your home has a possum infestation, call a possum control melbourne specialist to help you out.

Use Animal-Proof Garbage Cans

Make sure to keep the trash cans closed with lids and ensure to dispose of the garbage regularly. You can even go for animal-proof garbage lids for your trash can.

Keep The Pet Foods Inside

Also, keep the pet foods inside for your pets and stop encouraging the possums and other nuisances to your property.

Cut Their Food Source

As a homeowner, you must remove the sources of food like fallen fruits and berries from the garden and take away the woods logs where they usually hide.

Seal The Access Points

If your house has any broken windows or vent covers, those are easy access points for possums to enter your property. So, you must inspect the outside of your home and look for any holes or cracks and seal them. By identifying the point of entry, you can make sure that your house is protected from these sneaky creatures.

Remove Wood logs

Tree branches near the roofing should be trimmed and make sure to keep the garden free from fallen leaves and other debris.

Install Alarms & Motion-Sensors

Possums are night creatures and hate bright lights and loud noises. If they’re sneaking into your vegetable garden, you can install these alarms that detect their presence. With the lights flashing, and loud arms would scare them, and they’ll have to rethink before visiting your house again.

Bottom Line

Well, you can use these tips to make your space less-attractive for the possums to enter. If you’re looking for possum control services in melbourne, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.